Politische Kommentare, hauptsächlich von Zehut

I had meant to translate these commentaries into German. I've failed and just couldn't keep up. So instead of withholding them altogether I'll now post the English originals.

Ich hatte vorgehabt, diese Kommentare ins Deutsche zu übertragen. Ich habe versagt und konnte einfach nicht mithalten. Anstelle sie ganz zurückzuhalten bringe ich jetzt als Notlösung hier die englischen Originale.

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(20-07-10) When Chamberlain met Hitler

Rav Binny Freedman

Sometimes, he suggests, making peace with something will actually lead to anything but peace, and the real lover of peace in such an instance has to be willing to chase it away by doing the opposite, even if it goes against the grain of his personality.

(19-08-19) Israel verfügt über die alleinige Hoheit auf dem Tempelberg

Dr. Mordechai Kedar

Ich würde dem Beamten diese Karten zeigen und an das arabische Sprichtwort erinnern: „Ein Lügner muß ein gutes Gedächtnis haben.“

(19-01-19) Let’s cut the baloney, Mr. President – Please!

Jack Engelhard

All those tribes can't tolerate each other, fellow Arabs, so it is difficult to imagine them tolerating the Jews once they get their hands on Jerusalem as some form of capital.

Mahmoud Abbas was straightforward on this – No Jews Allowed. That is one promise he has kept – he along with any other Palestinian Arab leader.

Yes, on that they keep their word.

(19-01-11) Unification of the Nation

HaRav Nachman Kahana

We and our children and our children’s children are, dear reader, the descendants of the irrational and fanatical extremists who put faith in HaShem before logic.

(18-12-14) Abolish the (Reform) Rabbinate?

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

The suggestion that the Chief Rabbinate be abolished engendered the idea of abolishing something else.

(18-07-16) Where are They Going to Go?

Shmuel Sackett

Every time anyone speaks about moving Arabs out of Eretz Yisrael, the first question is always the same: “But where are they going to go?” This article will answer that exact question.

(18-03-20) A Tale of Two Seders

HaRav Nachman Kahana on Pesach 5772

“What do you mean next year in Yerushalayim? How can we leave all this?” Father approaches Mama. And taking her hand while gently dabbing her tears away, in a voice full of compassion says to his beloved wife, “Darling, don’t cry, It’s only a song!

(18-03-01) A Dangerous Fissure

HaRav Shaul Yisraeli zt"l

The Torah connects the Ten Commandments to the nitty-gritty laws of Mishpatim. They are made for a normal nation. There are discussion about servants and non-Jews, damages and oxen. The divine ideal is for a religious way of life that integrates everything, which sanctifies the mundane by dedicating physical life to Hashem.

(17-12-31) Sylvester Night is not a holiday

Rochel Sylvetsky

Torah study that night eventually became forbidden, in memory of the horrors perpetrated on that evening, the same way Torah study is prohibited in a house of mourning and on the Ninth of Av when the Holy Temple was destroyed.

(17-11-05) Of Conversations and Commandments

HaRav Zalman Baruch Melamed

Am I imagining things, or is Rav Zalman Baruch Melamed speaking in the name of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook actually endorsing Reform Judaism in his last paragraph? [FAB]

(17-07-19) Who Are We to Tell Religious Jews What to Do at the Western Wall?

Irit Linur

We are arguing with these people about Judaism, and what is the right Judaism, and how Judaism should be, while we are armed with ignorance that we acquired through state secular education, a very partial study of the Bible, “Two are holding a tallis” from seventh-grade Talmud class, and that's it. We sometimes seem like six-year-old children who are trying to join a philosophy discussion without knowing who Plato is.

(17-06-23) Is Social Activism Destroying American Judaism?

Tzvi Freeman and Yaakov Ort

Tikkun olam is not the problem. Tikkun olam is the solution. The problem is that we’ve fed an entire generation of Jews an ingenuine, shallow version of a great idea.

Ripped from its roots, tikkun olam dries up like cut grass in the sun. As an integral part of the Tree of Life, it provides rich and powerful meaning to all of Jewish teaching and practice.

(16-05-27) Curse or Hidden Blessing?

Moshe Feiglin

Just as promised, until the Jewish People returned to the Land of Israel a century and a half ago, no other nation successfully became established in the Land of Israel. Travelers to the Land over the centuries describe desolation and abandonment – until the lost children of the Holy Land awakened.

(16-05-25) The Soldier Who Fired a Defense Minister

Moshe Feiglin

Nobody in the media will say this, but the undeniable fact is that immediately following the shooting in Hebron, the new intifada disappeared into thin air.

(16-03-18) Why are we Fighting Over the Kotel?

Moshe Feiglin

This situation on the Temple Mount does not seem to disturb the Jews; neither the religious Jews nor the other denominations. All of them prefer to abandon the site of our Holy Temple to wild Islam and to bicker down below over the plaza at its feet.

(16-03-02) Bewitched?

Moshe Feiglin

I remained silent. What could I say? You sit in the mourners' home. Everybody loves and respects the IDF. Such an amazing family, so unifying. What could I have done? Start to argue with all the officers in front of the bereaved family?

(10-11-08) Open Hunting Season on the Ultra-Orthodox

Moshe Feiglin

“As a rule, I would be pleased if the state would pay no one.”

This is the first text I ever read by Moshe Feiglin. Since then I'm hooked. If I had the right to vote, this is them man I'd vote for as prime minister. I can't do that, but I can help promote his views. [FAB]

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