What Changed With October 7 Massacre

November 14, 2023

By First.One.Through

A month after the heinous massacre of October 7, the world feels very different, when in fact only a few things changed.

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Hamas was a terrorist group at its founding in 1987, when it wrote its infamous 1988 charter, when Palestinian Arabs voted the group to 58 % of parliament in 2006, and today. Their capabilities have gotten better while their intent to murder Jews and destroy the Jewish State remains constant.

The Israeli Defense Forces is seemingly capable of responding to the threat when given time but were horribly unprepared during that first day. The Palestinian jihadists were not able to launch an even more deadly invasion from the West Bank showing the important life-saving work of active intelligence and occasional raids into terrorists’ enclaves. The IDF had done no such raids into Gaza for two years.

In reality, much of the underlying matters have not changed much. However, the scale and barbarity of the attack has put Israeli society in shock. It cannot permit Hamas to maintain such genocidal capabilities to launch similar attacks.

The United States, Germany and several other western democracies are standing with Israel in its fight against jihadi terror. The American president and Secretary of State have both said that “Hamas is ISIS”, a lethal, radical Islamist group with a poisonous ideology which a global coalition helped defeat in Syria and Iraq.

It’s much of the rest of the world that changed.

While the Muslim world did not actively condemn the destruction of ISIS, they have rallied to the Palestinians as many have been killed in the effort to root out Hamas. Many governments have also excused Hamas’s atrocities and some even support it.

Worse, socialists around the world have been cheering Hamas’s slaughter. On college campuses, students and professors shout about their joy about the attacks, hailing it is the start of “decolonizing Palestine.”

Faced with clear footage of barbarism, the radical left is supporting genocidal maniacs. With the clarity that the conflict is not just about land but vicious racism and antisemitism, the alt-left is cleaving to the jihadists.

Ripping off hostage posters

Socialists have demonstrated their depravity. They are not just indifferent but joyous to see Jews suffer.

I have long known about Hamas but I didn’t really know you.

October 7 did not change my view of Hamas.

October 8 changed my view of you.

Source: First.One.Through

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