We Normalized Jew-Hatred For Years

December 3, 2023

By First.One.Through

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Jew-hatred was the leading form of hatred in the United States, even before the horrible spike post-October 7. Yet it was actively minimized by politicians and the mainstream media in favor of Victims of Preference, the majority-minority groups of Blacks, Hispanics and members of the LGBT+ community.

When Jew-hatred was tied to Israel, powers in government, media and universities deliberately did their utmost to claim that anti-Zionism wasn’t antisemitism, even as they promoted anti-Semitic laws and narratives.

There are a few primary antisemitic laws and narratives which have become so normalized, many fail to acknowledge their profound Jew-hatred:

Denying Jews Their History and Heritage

Jews have a unique religion. At its core, Jews are a small tribe tied to a specific piece of land, the holy land of Israel. While other religions were idealized as universalistic and therefore pushed to convert masses wherever they went, Jews had no such mantra. Whether they live in Israel or the diaspora (everywhere other than Israel) they pray facing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and try to visit Jerusalem at least three times each year, and did not scour the globe in search of new recruits.

Yet university professors say that Israel is a product of “ European settler colonialism,” denying Jews their history and heritage, and these professors get tenure and continue to espouse their Jew-hatred to the next generation.

Banning Jews From Living Somewhere

Would anyone consider it legal to pass a law that Black people cannot live somewhere? Has Amnesty International blessed Iran’s policy of banning gay people and hanging them in public, and suggested the law be spread to more countries?

Yet the United Nations General Assembly passed resolutions in the 1970s and the UN Security Council passed Resolution 2334 in 2016 making it illegal for Jews to live in the “West Bank” and eastern Jerusalem, including the Old City of Jerusalem where Judaism’s holiest sites are located. According to international law, an Israeli Arab from Jaffa can relocate to the Old City of Jerusalem but a neighboring Israeli Jew in Jaffa would be called an illegal settler if he did a similar move.

It reeks of Jew-hatred, blessed by the United Nations.

Banning Jews From Praying At Their Holiest Site

Jews, and only Jews, are denied their right to pray at their holiest location. The world brands people who demand such basic human right as “extremists,” rather than the jihadists who insist on such law, threatening Jews with violence.

Holy Places Map

United Nations map showing the Jewish Temple Mount as only holy to Muslims

Temple Mount

Israel has continued the antisemitic ban to calm the Muslim world. Palestinian Arabs are not satisfied and want Jews to stop even walking around the Temple Mount during regular visiting hours as they consider such visits “provocative.” The United Nations supports that Jew-hatred, and claims that the Jewish Temple Mount is a purely Islamic holy site.

All of these things have to do with Jews, not Israelis nor the Israeli government. These are laws that insult any Jew as it relates to their permissible activities in their homeland regardless of whether Israel is run by a right-wing or left-wing government, or even if Israel was a country.

There are also laws in other countries which are infused with Jew-hatred like banning the ritual slaughter of animals for kosher meat, bans on Jewish circumcision or wearing a kippah in public to make it difficult for Jews to live in those countries. Some ban Jews from being able to become the leader of the country. Those countries wrap their animus with misdirection about protecting animal and minor rights, or protecting the civil nature or culture of their societies for passing such edicts.

It is a transparent fig leaf when they extend their hatred for Jews far from their shores.

On a small strip of land far away from their own, countries still press laws infused with Jew-hatred, either because they want to appeal to 1.8 billion Muslims and over 50 Muslim-majority countries, or they simply hate Jews. Either way, these laws helped set the stage for the October 7 massacre, as they normalized Jew-hatred in the Jewish homeland.

The vile REACTIONS to the October 7 massacre did not happen in a vacuum. The UN, media and universities have normalized Jew-hatred for years, and it is well past time to strike the antisemitic laws at the UN and remove the classes and professors at universities.

Source: FirstOneThrough

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